Top 10 best Nightclubs in the world
If you vacation is primarily noisy parties and night clubs, then this article is for you. Despite the various interiors of the concept and the audience, all our clubs unite top DJs from around the…


Top 10 best Nightclubs in the world
If you vacation is primarily noisy parties and night clubs, then this article is for you. Despite the various interiors of the concept and the audience, all our clubs unite top DJs from around the…


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Top 10 best Nightclubs in the world

If you vacation is primarily noisy parties and night clubs, then this article is for you.

Despite the various interiors of the concept and the audience, all our clubs unite top DJs from around the world: Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, James Lavelle, Victor Calderon, David Guetta, David Morales, Josh Wink, Kevin Saunderson, Timo Maas, Sasha, Deep Dish, Bob Sinclar and others.

1. GreenValley, Camboriú (Brazil)

According to the respected publication DjMag Green Valley took 1st place in the list of the best clubs in the world 2013. In just 6 years since the opening of the school managed to achieve such high rankings due to strict policy of its owners, convenient location and… pyrotechnics. GreenValley is a giant oasis in the heart of the jungle Santa Catarina. Here surrounded by mountainous rainforest inside the club has its lush plantations, small lakes, restaurants, Lounges, etc. Brazilians like to “have a blast”, so no party in Green Valley is not complete without fireworks. Bright lights and shots give to local get-togethers even more drive and fun.

2. The Club Space, Ibiza (Spain)

The club Space in Ibiza proves once again that the best rest can only be away from the bustling city. Here you can enjoy the sea, drinks and music. Racerelated even when all the places in Ibiza are already closed. The club is located close to the airport, so on his terrace constantly flying aircraft. In the interior Rasise left to chance: there is a large hall, terrace with a dance floor, chill-out area and terrace, located under the dome of the institution. An entrance fee of all, however, different price: and important persons included in the list (about 15 €), and those who just decided to attend a party (60 €).

3. Club Fabric, London (UK)

The number of clubs that have already become legendary, Britain can be called the main place on the map night life of Europe. And the first line among them is the club’s Fabric. Once in the area of what is now a school, was going to lower strata of society. The building itself was an industrial refrigerator. Today come here to relax, musicians and celebrities. It is in Fabric is a unique vibrating dance floor. By the way, about the appearance do not worry: in the UK look primarily at your documents. Tickets cost 8-25 £ and are better to buy in advance.

4. Zouk, Singapore

The cleanest metropolis planet Singapore is also home to the famous nightclub Zouk. In the mid 80’s, the owner Lincoln Cheng toured various festivals and clubs in the world. In Ibiza he heard one of the godfathers Balearic house Dj Alfredo, and was so impressed that he decided to bring his countrymen to this music. But while institutions in Singapore only played pop music, so Cheng took a chance and opened in March 1991 your own club. For its location Cheng picked up three vintage store on the Singapore river, which were built in 1919. Of course, the warehouses had to overhaul and set up some new floors. Today Zouk includes 4 institution: Zouk, Velvet Underground, Phuture and Wine Bar. The cost of entry is 15-19 €.

5. Marquee Dayclub &Nightclub, Las Vegas (USA)

This club is the center of nightlife in Las Vegas. Dayclub, which occupies a large space in the pool area, is open seven days a week during the spring and summer season. Nightclub all year on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It includes three zones: MainRoom or the main dance floor with modern sound and visual system, the second dance floor TheBoomBoxRoom and lounge, Library with fireplace, billiard table and vintage books. By the way, at the Marquee Dayclub &Nightclub has its houses and bungalows where you can stay and spend your vacation without leaving parties. The cost of tickets to the party — from 20 to 50 $.

6. CavoParadiso, Mykonos (Greece)

In the early 90’s the owner of Cavo Paradiso Nikos Dactylitis opened on the island of Mykonos is the place where you can relax after the party. For this he chose the highest hill with a beautiful view of the sea. However, skeptics do not believe in the success of his ideas, such as: who is going to climb so high. But a year after opening Cavo Paradiso has evolved into the primary school of electronic music of Greece. The club is designed in the shape of an amphitheatre without walls and roof, so that from any point you can observe what is happening around. Only open from may to early September. For getting on the guest list, simply send an SMS with your name and date of the event.

7. Octagon, Seoul (South Korea)

Open only in November 2011, the club has managed to have a big impact on the nightlife of South Korea. This place has its own unique style: everything here is super modern, so the interior is reminiscent of a cool underground shelter. Octagon has two floors, which in addition to dance floors are a restaurant, a large VIP area and pool. It is in the Octagon is the best sound system in all of Seoul. You will understand where the club, parked Ferrari at the entrance. On weekends, there rests a lot of millionaires and beautiful models. And plays here only electronic music. To be guaranteed to get in, best to arrive early. Tickets cost 7-20 €.

8. Guaba Beach Bar, Limassol (Cyprus)

Cyprus club industry began to emerge in 1999. Then about the various festivals and parties knew of selected. But those willing to dive into club culture became more and more, which led to the discovery of Guaba Beach Bar. At first he was only a small place on the beach. In 2009, the bar has moved to a new location today and can accommodate up to 2,500 people. A big role in the popularity of the club played free Sunday parties with the best DJs of the world. From the creation the concept of the club remains the same: here the social and financial status of the visitors will not play any role.

9. Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin (Germany)

Berghain opened in 2004 on the site of its predecessor, the Ostgut club, known for their sex parties. Today the school is called the capital of techno. By the way, a couple of dark rooms for sexual pleasures still was inherited to Berghain. To pass face control, is to follow a few rules: don’t be drunk, not to dress expensive and glamorous, not to behave like a tourist, come with a small group of 2-4 people and be over 25 years old. The club is fitted with a powerful sound system, so being in there for a long time, it is better to use the funds to protect the ears.

10. Yalta Club, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Cafe “Yalta” appeared in 1959, and almost immediately became a very popular place to stay. A little later in this institution for the first time in Bulgaria began to play electronic music. In 2005, the club was renovated and reopened with a new concept. Here the design has been changed, sound system, light. All this further helps to support the main idea Yalta Club — visitors should feel like they’re at a publish party in a luxury home. The average ticket price is about 10-20 €.