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Fishing parade

Although outside spring and the air is the scent of the cherry blossoms, I want to go back in time a bit ago and talk about the holiday of Maslenitsa. What in Orthodoxy called Gras in Germany is called the carnival (Karneval), or simply “fishing” (Fasching). With the adoption of the European peoples to Christianity, some pagan traditions migrated to the new faith, among them the tradition of a farewell to winter. And for many centuries in a row every year in late February or early March in many cities of Germany are mass street festival. Today I will talk about Bayreuth carnival.

Tractor, decorated with inflatable balls and Christmas garlands, opens the parade.

On this day the streets of Bayreuth (usually a quiet and semi-desert cities) was not found.

Snowmen promised snow that year will be no more.

The name of the holiday of Maslenitsa – « fishing ” comes from the German verb ” to fasten ” ( fasten ), which means “ fast ”. This is logical, because the day after “ fashing ” lent begins. Thus, ” fishing ” separated from Easter forty days without meat, fish and other dishes. So, on the eve of lent, Christians having fun one last time for the next month and a half. According to linguistic versions of the origin of the holiday, the word ” fishing “ comes from the word ” aussant ” Ausschank), which is translated into Russian as drinking [alcoholic beverages]. On this day devout Christians drink the last drop of alcohol to drink during Lent. Which version is closer to the truth – is the lot of scientific controversy. It is important for us that both versions lead us to a noisy street party.

The main attraction at Bayreuth carnival handing out free candy. Candy scatter handfuls of passing cars.

Carnival in Bayreuth runs along the city’s main street and overlooks the square Marktplatz.

The most famous Shrovetide carnival in Germany is held in Cologne. Here it is called simply “ the Cologne carnival ” ( KÖlner Karneval ). At this time, the town attracts thousands of tourists. The tradition of the Cologne carnival existed, as in most German cities, from the early middle ages. After the occupation of the Rhineland by the troops of Napoleon in the late eighteenth century, the company went through major changes. In particular, were dissolved workshop, which since the Middle ages led a carnival. Accordingly, ceased and the carnival. In 1823, the people of Cologne had decided to resume the old tradition. Public celebrations in Cologne soon became the most famous German carnival. It lasts 7 days – Thursday-the day before ash Wednesday ( Aschermittwoch ) to the festival next Wednesday. Other famous carnivals are also held in the cities along the Rhine – Dusseldorf, Koblenz, Bonn, Aachen.

At the carnival behind the scenes it is customary to use only the local dialect and even signs are written with a hint of Franconia.

Trumpeters play a catchy tune on the memory.

Incidentally, the German tradition of Shrovetide carnivals is also associated with the famous Venetian festival. Incidentally, the word ” carnival ” originates in Italy and comes from the Latin word ” Yes “, which means meat. After the carnival has enacted a ban on eating meat until Easter. Venice carnival lasts two weeks and is an important cultural event. In the middle ages veneziasi carnival was a time when society rejected the moral law and the Church morally and otherwise decomposed. All accumulated over the year energy found the most unconventional output in the 14 days of the carnival. After the end of the carnival the city returned to an obedient life, and started a post.

A convoy of vehicles diluted with walking parade participants. In this photo you can see the orchestra, apparently, the fire brigade of Bayreuth.

Cook convincingly proposes to try his dishes.

As for the history of Bayreuth carnival, here, unfortunately, my favorite online sources are silent. Overall, I find it strange that in the Protestant city of Bayreuth celebrated tradition, unique to the Catholic Church. According to the theory, the carnival should take place only in Catholic regions of the country. Bayreuth, as a bulwark of Protestantism among his Catholic environment (Bayern ’ s predominantly Catholic land, where the Bayreuth is the only exception), for some reason, also celebrates this carnival.

The column is common to see children, even the smallest ones.

Car young lions and foxes.

Little imp.

At the request ” fishing in Bayreuth “, the search engine provides information where this day can be a good and inexpensive drink – and without that insignificant nightlife in the city uses any excuse to advertise itself.

I have not figured out who these people are and what they want.

People use carnival as an excuse to relax from the cares and spend the day having fun. Meaning fun – each defines for himself. At the carnival all come vividly painted in coloured wigs and false mustaches, and in a good mood. At the festival many children – some of them watching the procession, while the other part is actively involved in promoting the procession.

In the heart of the carnival is a column of people and cars. For them separate fenced off ” lane “. Along this strip stands cheering crowd of people. From passing cars throwing candy and usually a sea of unnecessary things. So, I’m at the carnival got plastic cups with logos of the football club « Manchester city » 2005.

At the carnival are extremely curious characters.

Each car belongs to a particular Association, whether it be a sports club or a restaurant. At the carnival in Bayreuth advertise itself, for example, restaurants and Nightclubs. Among the cars present, and trucks, and even tractors. In other words, the Association shall have, on it goes. Each vehicle must be decorated with Christmas balls and ” rain “. Very aesthetic spectacle.

With the camera on holiday, I was not alone.

« Fishing ” in Bayreuth reminded me of ” love parades ” in Vienna and Hamburg – the same principle, just another idea. Unfortunately, Bayreuth parade did not end with the concert of a popular rock band under the open sky, as necessarily occurs in the case of the love parade.

Someone came to the feast on his own car.

The children painted like dolls.

Bayreuth ” fishing “, unlike full Rhenish carnival, lasts only a few hours – the procession begins shortly before noon, and after a couple of hours health services are already starting to harvest a half-empty squares.

Not all prisutstvovavshie on carnavale was satisfied. This guy didn’t get candy.

Carnival has survived from pagan times and migrated to the Christian worldview of European Nations for the simple reason that Christianity is not provided rapid celebration before lent. Moreover, as practice shows my 22 years, the last days of February – the most difficult, boring and sleepy days when man more than anything, I want to quickly spring has come, and in the sky the sun came out. Carnival offers a complete substitute for good weather – noisy celebrations under the open sky, with music and sweets, when the earth is still snowing, but the air already smells of spring. Even a little bit, and wakes up the nature, and then, suddenly – and lent is already behind us. I think that in this lies the secret mnogosotletney the history of the holiday of Maslenitsa.