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In the coloring of the middle Kingdom: the most colorful Chinatowns of the world

If you happen to be on the street among hundreds of red paper lanterns, where in shops or in restaurants noodles and sell Chinese Souvenirs and in the evening all is bright sparkles and shines – so you are in Chinatown-Chinatown (though if you actually went on a trip to China

Worldwide, on all continents scattered them hundreds. Come on a virtual stroll through some of the most colorful and popular of the Chinese quarter.

The most colorful Chinatown is located in Singapore. Probably because three out of four people in the city – the Chinese in origin. And this amazing quarter built in the place where their first house was built by immigrants from China.

This Chinatown in Singapore is the most traditional and the most picturesque in the world. Enchant narrow streets with red lanterns overhead. And the smells of traditional Chinese delicacies are heard, nearly each home, in any case, from each of the open restaurant, that’s for sure.

Shop Windows are full of thousands of red-zolotushnyh Souvenirs. And even Buddhist temples – China too. All that distinguishes this from Chinatown China, so it is clean and orderly. Amid the ultra-modern Singapore, this area is well preserved its historical look and its relics.

This Chinatown a few years ago, CNN was recognized as the best in the world. Besides Melbourne’s Chinatown is the oldest in the world (founded in 1850-ies during the “gold rush” in Australia). It is perfectly preserved since ancient times, there are many dining and entertainment options

At the entrance to the quarter are huge arcade red gate (all Feng Shui). And local cafés and restaurants – this is the main feature of Chinatown. Here you can taste not only traditional Chinese food, but cuisine of many Asian countries. I think you will be interested to visit the Museum of Chinese culture . which acts on the block. The entrance ticket costs 8$.

But if you happen to be in place during the celebration of the New year, you will definitely fall in the “little China”, bright and crazy parade, led by a huge Chinese dragon.

If a deeper look into the history of Malaysia, we can learn that an important role in the education of the country was played by the Chinese, especially of tin mining. Therefore, it is dominated by their ethnic group. And of course don’t forget about the control of the overseas Chinese Commerce of the country.

Local Chinatown – Petaling street (Petaling street) is the first large Chinese market. Here you can buy whatever you want, however, a lot of quality imitations of famous brands, pirated discs, bags, jewelry, watches – the range is huge. Don’t forget to bargain and be careful of thieves and swindlers missing and there. In Chinese restaurants you can taste dishes of national cuisine, as well as very exotic.

This Chinatown is so well preserved that when you get here, it seems that you went to China. It is located at George town on Penang island. It is very big and colorful. Center shops and restaurants along China street.

A local resident called Chinatown “heart” of the island. Life rages in it around the clock, the shops in the streets all the time crowded. Especially noisy and fun here during the various holidays and festivals.

Chinatown in new York, in Manhattan . this is probably the only place that truly was and is Chinese. It was founded in the late nineteenth century. The Chinese have migrated here from the West coast. And today in its scope, this Chinatown is not inferior to the Chinese quarter in San Francisco.

Daily Chinatown in new York is walking thousands of tourists from all over the world. This is a real «labyrinth» shops, markets, restaurants that curious roam in search of Chinese atmosphere. Here is incredibly tasty national cuisine, which is divided by regions: Thai, Chinese, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The area is so picturesque and unusual that it is hard to imagine being close to the business and trendy SOHO.

The largest Chinatown in North America located in Vancouver, Canada . Locals even call it Vancouvera (a mix of Vancouver and Hong Kong). A very colorful area, with street lanterns and garlands, with a wide range of Souvenirs, signs, traditional Chinese architecture. In the area of Chinese tradition, skilfully combined with European and canadian culture.

The entrance to Chinatown as in many similar areas starts with the main Chinese gate. And in Vancouver these gates are called “the Gates Millennium”.

A feature of this Chinatown is its magnificent garden, built in the tradition of the Chinese Ming dynasty: this area is home to magnificent bamboo grove and a beautiful pond with goldfishes.

Historically, San Francisco is the largest Chinese settlement outside Asia). Not accidentally, in the heart of the city was formed and Chinatown. He – and the main attraction of the city, and his character. Twenty-four quarters, with red paper lanterns, exotic Souvenirs, dozens of shops and restaurants, with Chinese pagodas – all of San Francisco.

And once here you can’t hear American speech: everyone speaks Chinese, observing their true traditions. Try national dishes of authentic Chinese food, buy a souvenir for memory, and just penalidades Chinese ancient culture that revered here.

Wander through this Chinatown – it’s all the same, what to visit in China: a little to touch the traditions and culture of a great country, to try national dishes, to meet and talk with a true Chinese, who, though left his country, but never forget where they come from. I hope that these will add a lot of bright colors into your life and make it more diverse.