Autumn Festivals
Theatre season starts in September not only opens after the summer theatres, Premier screenings, and festivals - scale and local, with a rich history and emerged recently. International St. Petersburg festival «Baltcom" will open this…


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Autumn Festivals

Theatre season starts in September not only opens after the summer theatres, Premier screenings, and festivals – scale and local, with a rich history and emerged recently.

International St. Petersburg festival «Baltcom” will open this year for the twentieth time in the Northern capital on September 27 and will end on October 10. The subtitle of this eaforum – “favorites” is not accidental, because it will come from their performances, indeed, the chosen: those who for twenty years have confirmed its authoritative participation of the unique significance of the St. Petersburg festival. A list of these names is quite impressive. This Eimuntas Nekrosius, Rimas Tuminas from Lithuania, and Andriy Zholdak from Ukraine, and Alvis Hermanis from Latvia; and Belgian Luc Perceval, who will show his performance of “children of the sun”, staged in the famous theater Hamburg “Waist”.

An outstanding Polish Director Krystian lupa will show your hours of play about Marilyn Monroe ’s Persona. Marilyn” is part of a trilogy about the iconic figures of the twentieth century. Participate made their journey from Vilnius to Moscow through recognition on “the Baltic house” Kama Ginkas. Will support their participation «Baltcom” and Moscow Director Joseph Theatre.

Together with the Moscow DOC “the Baltic house” will present the project «Rzhevka – Nevsky prospect”, which explores the life of a generation that has grown up over the last twenty years in St. Petersburg. Who are the peers of the festival, the current 20-year-old? What he is, another city, the eyes of a 20-year-old living in residential areas? These questions will try to answer, the participants under the leadership of Mikhail Ugarov and Marina Razbezhkina.

Starting points for creative conversation will be: screening performance – owner «Golden mask – 2010» «Life is good” (directed by Mikhail Ugarov and Marat Gatsalov) and topical performances «1.18″, delivered the letters and diaries of lawyer Magnitsky, who died in Butyrka prison .

«Baltcom” in its anniversary season will make a journey from Petersburg to Moscow, to Moscow on September 20 to gather all the friends of the festival, as well as to present its international award «Baltic Star” artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky theater and the Director of the Center. Sun. Meyerhold, Valery Fokin. I can safely say that the persona of September in Moscow will be just Fokin, Director with dual citizenship (two capitals).

The festival ’s Premiere of the Alexandrinsky theater in Moscow’ will be held from 8 September to 27 November. In the capital will show the latest premiere theatre ’s the taming of the shrew” after Shakespeare (11 and 12 September, on the stage of the Theatre. City Council) delivered by Oscarson Koršunovas.

Lithuanian Director will be the second, after Fokine, the person at the capital’s sky. First and second person will be connected. Theatre centre. Sun. Meyerhold in the face of Valery Fokin has established an Annual Meyerhold meetings that will be held this year for the fifth time. September 13 in the CIM will be awarded Meyerholdovsky prize – Oskaras the Koršunovas, followed his master class and discussion.

From 11 to 18 September for the fifth time in Moscow will host the international festival – school “Territory”, which has consistently affirmed the rights of actual contemporary art. This time its ideologues do a German accent in the program that are marked as «Moscow — Berlin”. In addition to the master classes will be shown three German performance – “hamlet” is well known in Russia, the theatre ’s schaubuehne” directed by Thomas Ostermeier (tour organised jointly with the Theatre of Nations), choreographic show the Constancia Macros “Hell on Earth” performance “Karl Marx: Capital, volume 1” illustrious “the Rimini Protocol”, and two Moscow play based on the works of German drama – “the Threepenny Opera” directed by Kirill Serebrennikov in the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov and radical youth performance of the Moscow center of Drama and Directing “God is a DJ” based on the play by playwright and Director Falk Richter.

The festival movement, fortunately, is not limited to Moscow and St. Petersburg, and allows you to erase the boundaries between the capital and the province. It is noteworthy that last festival “Territory” was held in Perm. This season here, in the Urals, will take place one immediately after the other two festivals. The first is the “Texture” – will take place in the decade from 18-28 September and also focuses on contemporary art, on the convergence of cinema and theatre. He will gather filmmakers, theater Directors, playwrights and screenwriters. “it is Very important to gather at one time, in one place, in one company», — say the ideologues of the festival, the main face of which is Eduard Boyakov — the head of the Moscow theater “Practice” and part-time art Director of the theatre ’s a Scene-the Hammer” (Perm).

The Minister of culture, youth policy and mass communications of Perm Krai, a famous film Director Boris Milgram, as many know, has announced that the Perm must become cultural capital. What caused some people irony, and others — protests and complaints, but persistently and stubbornly bends the line. Immediately after the festival “Texture” from the 8th to 14th October 2010 in Perm will host the international festival-forum «Space directing”, which started Boris Milgram being in the position of artistic Director of the Perm academic drama theatre. Since taking office, he renamed the Perm Academy in the “Theatre ” Theatre” and subjected the ideology of the festival is purely theatrical, Guild tasks. The festival was created in 2007 and immediately became a platform for serious creative dialogue Directors of Russia and abroad.

If in Moscow fraternizing with Berlin, then in Perm — with the French. The festival is included in the official program «Year of France – Russia». In the spotlight Permyakov French theatre. It involves the participation of French plays and Russian productions of the modern French drama. The program was formed by the leading theatrical figures of Russia and France.

Festival map autumn impresses with its scale, and a curious selection, in short, is where to go and what to see.

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