5 colors colorful festivals
Fancy floral accessories from the Michal Negrin recommend 5 the most colorful festivals of flowers this spring. Despite the fact that in the boutiques Michal Negrin flowers live year-round on the models clothing and accessories…


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5 colors colorful festivals

Fancy floral accessories from the Michal Negrin recommend 5 the most colorful festivals of flowers this spring.

Despite the fact that in the boutiques Michal Negrin flowers live year-round on the models clothing and accessories fashion brand, spring and Michal Negrin – a favorite time of year. Unique accessories brand from new collections 2013, each of which characterizes the tastes and preferences of their owners, “advised” to us the most vivid and colorful parades and festivals of colors in different countries of the world, which begins the spring.

The full range of colors at a festival in Holland

If your choice – is a luxurious thick bracelet, or earrings in the shape of a flower Michal Negrin from dozens of Swarovski crystals in all colors of the rainbow, then you will enjoy the most colorful event that traditionally opens the spring in the Netherlands and throughout Europe is the largest flower festival in the town of Bovenkarspel, which will be held in early March. Gorgeous flower gardens and fields will be stretched on the 4.5 thousand square meters. This year, in honor of the anniversary, the 80th festival of flowers will not last 5, and as many as 8 days and will focus on the history of friendship of Russia and Holland. In addition to the tulips of every imaginable and unimaginable colors, as well as other plants which are the pride of the Netherlands, in a magical flower arrangements will be guessed the motives of Russian fairy tales and ornaments of the famous Faberge eggs. Under the guidance of the best landscape designers, gardeners are a variety of themed gardens that offer plenty of ideas for design your own garden.

There, where the cherry blossoms

Fans of all shades of purple, pink and blue colors, which are widely represented in brilliant spring Michal Negrin jewelry, to have the taste festival of flowers Hannah Matsuri, which is celebrated annually in Japan on April 8. This beautiful holiday on the birthday of the Buddha – according to the tradition, on this day, Buddhist temples are decorated with flowers, and the congregation heard a special flower tea – Amat, made of hydrangea. Fortunately for tourists, the festival is held in April, when Japan begins to blossom, Sakura, and this is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable spectacle. Magic trees, studded with purple and pink flowers that will create the most stunning backdrop for your memorable photos into a flying iridescent dress from the new collection ’s Spring-Summer 2013″ by Michal Negrin.

Largest parade of roses is in fashion collection Michal Negrin I. Amsterdam

In boutiques Michal Negrin roses bloom all year round on your favorite accessories and jewelry from romantic collections, prints and finishes luxurious evening dresses, etc. For all lovers of this beautiful flower – the symbol of love and romance — annually hosts the famous flower parade, otherwise called “the rose Parade”, region Bollenstreek in Holland. This year the parade will take place on 20 April in the streets of the cities of Nordveit and Haarlem, on a route with a total length of 40 km. This is an unforgettable procession of huge flower arrangements, accompanied by musicians and crowds of lovers of the beautiful, lasts for a day – from 9 am to 9 PM. The parade will be attended by 20 large moving platforms and more than 30 smaller, but no less colorful sculptures of flowers. By the way, the theme of the parade in 2013 – “Bon appetit!” From the center of Amsterdam organized every year group transfers with English-speaking guides.

Victorian umbrella for English rain

If you are the proud owner of one of the three original umbrellas in the Victorian style from the collection of “Romance of the rain”, decorated with original floral prints, one of the largest outdoor exhibitions in Europe – the Chelsea Flower Show – with all the hospitality waiting for you to visit. The exhibition presents how new plants and is well known varieties of flowers. In 2013, the flower show in Chelsea, which is always widely covered on television, will be held from 21 to 25 may. Several members of the British Royal family traditionally attend the preview. However, British weather, as you know, unpredictable, so organizers recommend to bring raincoats or umbrellas, and umbrella by Michal Negrin, you will surely make a splash among the British and flower lovers all over the world, because, as you know, people’s favorite ” Queen ” is one of the fans of this fashion brand and has in her wardrobe a few sets of clothing and jewelry by Michal Negrin.

Completed the way for a blossoming of Moscow

If you love perfection in everything, both in sets and the sets by Michal Negrin from miniature wild flowers of rhinestones and Swarovski crystals – earrings and necklace, pendant, bracelet and ring, or massive Magen David in the form of this flower arrangement complete with small earrings-carnations, welcome to Moscow Flower Show, which closes the spring period and the second time will be held in Moscow in June-July 2013. It seems that this time the organizers have taken into account all the details: the star cast of judges comprised of professionals in landscape industry from the UK, France, Italy and Russia, a variety of original compositions from all possible types of flowers and plants, guests from different countries, nominations and prizes for the winners. As part of this show and started a new project called “Viva Balcony!”, which was attended by 9 real balconies, fully decorated with flowers. For professionals the festival site became open professional space, where everyone could check their personal feelings in a direct dialogue with foreign colleagues. Never before has Russia not seen a real flower fairy tale!

Israeli Michal Negrin brand has long been working on the international level and even received the status of “person” of Israeli fashion. Today to buy fancy clothes and accessories from the Michal Negrin with a variety of floral prints, which literally bring spring into your wardrobe their happy owner, may 22 km magazinah around the country and another 38 stores around the world: Russia, USA, Japan, Italy, France, Austria, Mexico, Singapore and other countries.