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Festival “drums of the world” celebrated the 10th anniversary

For the 10th anniversary of the “Drums of peace” project organizers approached responsibly: a worthy organization, interesting composition, rich program. Information about all that the sponsors of the festival were promptly laid out long before the festival, so the audience from different parts of Russia enjoyed coming to “the drums of the world”, knowing that the holiday will be good. For full festival only lacked clear weather. But even the rain on the first day of “Drums of the world” did not stop the enthusiastic guests and participants.

The festival is known that provides the opportunity to address any partial to the drums. And by tradition, to give the participants time to prepare, at the site of “Drums of the world” for 5 days before the opening Monday-worked drum camp. It guests of the festival Dmitry Brodecki (Samara), Jaga Samba (Senegal-Moscow), Use Coate (Guinea), Yvonne Freidman (Riga-St. Petersburg), Nils Ile (Riga), Elena Suslova (Togliatti), Obidi Romolo (Congo) taught the audience the basics of playing the djembe.

With Dmitry Buravlev from Voronezh and the Lebanese Ossama Shahin viewers mastered the darbuka, and Nizhegorodets Alexander Blagov introduces aspiring musicians with harp. The most exotic instruments their guests joined the Neapolitan Othello Matacena (frame drums, congas) and Anna Blagova (Tibetan singing bowls). Training was going and in the days of “Drums of the world”.

Rich program

Sign of a good festival – eventful program, giving guests the opportunity to relax from morning until late evening. “Drums of the world” was not relaxing. Barely after Breakfast, guests have enough shock and ran to the master classes of different teachers, and due to the fact that the events took place simultaneously, one of the musicians had to choose, other, grabbing a couple of valuable tips at one teacher, hurried to class to the next. Perhaps the most interesting thing was in the classroom at multi-percussionist Othello Matacena, who talked about the musical culture of different Nations and showed the disciples seemingly irreproducible complex African rhythms. However after several days, and students Neapolitan easily performed. Afternoon sessions continued.

And in the evening everyone – teachers and students – participated in the drum procession to the scene after half an hour for a show is the most spectacular part of the festival.

On its opening day started the show “Drums of peace”. He was followed by flamenco performed by Togliatti Studio “Te quiero”. Percussion part of the concert (it was also represented by Ossama Shahin, Ulyanovsk show “dance of the seventh heaven”) is a diversified ethnic music of the Samara group “hot Sea” and is already familiar to the samarians ensemble “Huun-Huur-Tu” from Tuva – his two-day performance was perhaps the biggest surprise of “Drums of the world”.

Another gift for the guests of the festival are known for their creativity and experiment with new tools Latvian Nils Ile, without which no cost “drums of the world” in recent years, first brought his band and played with her as always the amazing beauty of the melody.

In the following days the Petersburg ethnograph Mājas asked unusual ethnic rhythms, young Samara group “Liberia” would reveal to the audience the musical traditions of Guinea, Mali, ivory coast, Liberia, Senegal, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and togateway project from Kazan Lovely Madness played enchanting Irish melodies.

The musicians found time not only for the concerts on the main stage, but also to jam with colleagues who were happy to share the secrets of mastery with beginners. And those were in a hurry to learn new techniques.

Unsatisfied with his Arsenal of ethnic instruments could refill it for working during the festival, the fair, and, come to practice, to learn from musicians playing.

The illusion of peace

In General, the festival was not boring. Guests of all categories find something to their liking. Beginners have discovered the drumming, experienced improved their skills, professionals improvised and composed new melodies.

Familiar from past festivals friends discussing the latest news and experience. And this creative restlessness has become the main feature of the “Drums of the world”, distinguishing it from the other music festivals that have been associated with many passive drinking music.

“Drums of the world” was just not up to it, and the most heavily used subject here was not glass with alcohol, and all sorts of percussion or, in extreme cases, ethnic wind instruments. For strangers from different cities, totally different professions and views they were understandable without words a universal language of communication.

The kultorg festival Elena Suslova said that so people vent overwhelm their creative energy, forgetting about the hustle and challenges. Here you might start to believe in the words of the healing power of drums.

However, not many people come here to be treated, and to fulfill a much more important mission. 10 years ago, getting together every night, people beat drums, sincerely believing that in this moment on Earth triumphant kindness and love. And, as before, in such a fabulous time in this, it is difficult to doubt.

Elena Suslova, cultural organizer of the festival “Drums of the world”:

– People come to our festival to feel complicit in the overall action and throw out the accumulated energy: to participate in master classes in dance and drumming. This is the difference between “Drums of peace” from other musical projects. The festival is evolving every year. Every time coming to us more and more drummers, and over the years, their level has noticeably increased, and random musicians dropped out. They don’t just play the drums, but compete with each other, improving playing technique, including in his bands new instruments (brass, violin).

Dmitry Marfin, a leading festival “Drums of the world-2013”:

– I was present at the birth of the “Drums of the world” at the festival focus-m in Usolie. Then, 10 years ago, one of the organizers of the project the Marina Erofeeva together with the percussionist from Baku Yusif Mailowy came up with the idea of creating this holiday. Over the years, from a modest project “Drums of the world” rose to the level of the international festival. First, for me and other people that support this project, the festival has become a mother. I’m 5 years old playing the drums. Secondly, I think it is a good idea that when 8000 drums will sound simultaneously on the planet will reign love and harmony. It makes the festival very positive.