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Town festivals autumn 2014

Apples in exchange for charity, a retrospective of films by Wes Anderson, the parade of the best cosplaycon tour of Russia and European theatres — we have collected the most high-profile festivals this fall in both capitals in a single material.

Annual American film festival this year will be filled with premieres, the loudest of which will be retro-Comedy ’s magic in the moonlight” by woody Allen. In addition, the organizers will present the first retrospective of the work of Wes Anderson — four early film, most of which have never been shown in our country on the big screen: “Bottle rocket” (1996), “Rushmore” (1998), “Tenenbaum Family” (2000) and “the life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” (2004).

Date: September 17-23

Place: cinema “Aurora”

Festival of street art, where for several weekend more than 50 artists on a “Red October” will change the face of the former factory. Among the participants of the festival well-known street artists: “310”, Akue, Vitae Ligature, “Max13”, Zmogk, Aber, Scheme, Multi, Nootk, Akue, Wais, pokras Lampas named Alexey Dubinsky, Vasily Grino, ZWS Crew, Siberianberry, IMA, Rasco, Stas Bags, Julia PinkPower, creative Association We Art, and others.

Date: September 13-29

Location: ‘Red October” (Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya 6)

Theatre festival «Alexandrinsky”

At the New stage of the Alexandrinsky theater will gather theatre troupe from Britain, France, Poland, Hungary, and the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov. The festival opens with a premiere performance of artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky theater Valery Fokin “Memories of the future” by Lermontov “Masquerade”. And another premiere — a performance of Marat Gatsalov “Tellurium” based on the novel by Vladimir Sorokin.

Date: September 19 – October 26

Location: Alexandrinsky theatre

«Art Avenue”

The third annual festival of public art, more than 30 artists from Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Australia, the USA and Finland, including: Peter White, Mary Heavenly and Zhenya Isaeva, Mamuka Japaridze, Kote Jincharadze, Petr Shvetsov, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai, the Susan Milne and Greg Stonehouse, Myrle, Lederman Ukele. The overall theme of the work this time: a reflection on the ecology and the practical application of art in public spaces to protect the environment.

Date: 25-28 September

Location: Posadsky municipal district

“Message to man”

One of the oldest Russian festivals ’s Message to man” will be held for the 24th time at the same time in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In programs, documentaries, fiction films and animation films from more than 87 countries, among which 100 — premiere, as well as the brightest stars of world cinema, such as, for example, Anders Ostergaard, bill Plympton, Sylvia hooks, Philip gröning, festival hits last year from Cannes, Berlin and other major film festivals. Also: a program of experimental film, posthumous retrospective of the Austrian documentarian Michael Glawogger, thematic units. The opening film will be a new drama by the Dardenne brothers ’s Two days, one night”.

Nuts and Bolts

The first Russian festival motokultury, where visitors can enjoy everything from sales of equipment and accessories to the exhibition of rare vintage motorcycles and parts, film screenings and master classes on similar subjects.

Date: 20-21 September

Venue: the Small exhibition hall of the Artplay design Center (Moscow)


Eighth St. Petersburg festival of cartoon stories “Fest” will last more than a month and will take over ten exhibition venues throughout the city. The event will take place not only of the best exhibitions of comics art and illustrations,but also performances, film screenings and competitions. This year to “Transfer” added another special exhibition program for children. The creativity of the artists will be dedicated to the “Neighbors”.

Date: September 17 – October 13


In the first international festival of contemporary puppetry will bring together young and already recognized groups from Belgium, France, great Britain, Finland, Korea, Lithuania, Israel, Belarus, Russia. Special attention will be paid to the cross-genre productions, connecting the elements of multimedia, dance, circus and visual arts

Every evening in the lobby of the theater will be held off-program of music concerts in St. Petersburg groups and participants of the festival. On the last day of the festival BTK will present to the audience a concert-performance based on the works of Nirvana — “girl, Interrupted”.

Dates: 19-23 September

Venue: the Great puppet theater

“the Baltic house”

This year the festival is extremely powerful program. First, it is a tour of Romeo Castellucci with strange and fascinating perform “Julius Caesar” (it will show in the Mikhailovsky castle, so that one entourage is worth). In Kama Ginkas’s production of the play ’s Lady Macbeth of our district’ will play prima MDT Lev Dodin and the national star of blockbusters Elizaveta Boyarskaya. The great Lithuanian Eimuntas Nekrosius show at the festival premiere of his “book of job”. Interestingly, two weeks before his interpretation of this old Testament book will present at the Bolshoi theatre of dolls Ruslan Kudashov.

Date: September 25 – October 13

Venue: theatre «the Baltic house”

The festival site is divided into many areas, among which are three dozen themed booths dedicated Asassin’s Creed, “Star Wars”, the “Star trek”, “Transformers”, “Harry Potter”, “the Matrix”, “the Labyrinths of Echo”. In addition, there will be a game where visitors will be able to play video games, a variety of “the game just shy” and become members of quests.

The most anticipated event will be the largest in Russia the cosplay contest. The audience in all its glory will appear Lara Croft, the universes heroes Dota and WarCraft, Booker DeWitt, along with the beautiful Elizabeth from BioShock, Doctor Who, Batman, Catwoman and many other characters in games, books, TV series and comics.

Place: Exhibition center “program”

Retro Game Show

Official comeback in childhood: the organizers of the festival brought together more than 300 of the best games created over the last 30 years, a retrospective of video game consoles (1972-2014, and personal computers, the figures of cinema and video games, costumes and other paraphernalia. Everything can be touched and tested in practice.

Place: hotel “Space” (Moscow, prospect Mira, 150)

«Apple Day”

Town festival with food from apples, thematic workshops and activities, the profits from the proceeds which will go to charity.

If you love to cook or are a professional can become a member of the culinary part of the festival (applications will be accepted until September 25). 25% of the revenue you will give to the Fund of the festival, and apples with a high probability you will get for free from local gardeners and garden farms.

Date: October 5

Place: venues to be confirmed


This year ’s Multivitamin” you can see the famed French and British animation, fine Japanese cartoons, animated films from Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Israel, Estonia, Brazil, Argentina, Korea, program the best animation from Holland EYE Filminstitut, and more. In addition, the St. Petersburg festival of animation will become a platform for creativity, workshops and the creation of new works of art.

Place: cinema “homeland”, open Studio «Lendok” and the Museum of modern art “Museum”