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Beautiful religious festivals of the world

The spring festival (Holi holiday| Holi Festival)

It is easy to understand why the Hindu religious festival of Holi marks the arrival of spring, as it is also known as the festival of flowers, a riot of colors. During Holi, Hindus make offerings to several gods. However, it can be said that innovation, because originally the festival of Holi is associated with the story of how Shiva punished the God of love Kama, incinerating it, as it prevented him meditate, after that Kama became disembodied. However, at the request of the wife of Shiva and Parvati wife Rati Kama goddess Shiva decided to return the camera the body only for 3 months out of the year. And in that moment, when Kama finds your body, nature rejoices and blossoms, and happy people celebrating the most joyous holiday – the holiday of love.

Holiday Indra Yatra (Indra Jatra)

Celebrated and revered in Nepal, the main religion of the country – Hinduism and Buddhism. According to legend, the ancient inhabitants of the Kathmandu valley was conquered by Indra during his visit to the region, to steal a flower for his mother. Knowing him, the residents quickly released him. In turn, his mother, the goddess of Gajini, promised them rain and safe way of the soul to the underworld after the death of their bodies.

Currently the star of the day, many of the legend is the goddess who lived among the people named Kumari, which was intended to symbolize the peaceful coexistence of Hindus and Buddhists.


It seems to us that due to the complexity of the pronunciation of a word Mahamastakabisheka the festival is held once every 12 years.

During the holiday, the practice of Jainism and Indian religions with millions of followers, celebrate the day of the anointing 1800-year-old statue of the prophet Gomateshvara, also known as Bahubali. Statue pour milk, juice and sprinkle bright red spices such as saffron.

Festival Paro (Paro Festival)

Dancer in the mask takes the “court Dance of the dead” at the Paro festival, this dance comes from the Buddhist Book of the Dead. A demonstration of dance, like the festival that takes place in the monastery, Paro, Bhutan.

The Paro festival is one of a number of festivals Tsechu, during which annual festivals are held in different regions of Bhutan, each of which pursues understanding the meaning of the Buddhist teachings and history.

The Athy Festival Atihan (Ati Atihan)

Originally it was a pagan holiday, but, as happens almost everywhere where Christianity came, it was already as though and not pagan. And so, about 700 years ago, or slightly more than, Filipino festival Athy Atihan changed his religious affiliation.

The festival lasts for exactly one week. Closer to its end on the streets of the island of Santa niño, where strictly speaking, the festival, held a costume parade dancers who parade through the crowd to the drumbeat that keeps all the action in a certain rhythm.

Long festival Sing sang (Poi Sang Long)

Actually don’t think it’s long the festival lasts only three days and it can be called the feast of the dedication of the little boys in men. On the first day, the guys shave their heads, they are sacred anointing, and they are granted a monastic clothing. On the second day, the guys make offerings to the monks. And in the third they are officially admitted to the monastery to begin a new Chapter in my life.

This festival takes place in Thailand and in Myanmar.

Kanda festival (Kanda Festival)

The roots of the festival goes to the Shinto religion, spiritual system, which is the birthplace of Japan. The festival celebrates nature and honors the ancestors. Kanda festival in modern Japan is also the occasion for the inhabitants of the country, to show the pride they feel in their history.

The festival is held in Tokyo and held a Grand parade, with visits to Shinto shrines, dancers and demonstrators, dressed in national costumes.

The festival of the Virgen del Carmen (Virgen del Carmen Festival)

The festival of the Virgen del Carmen takes place in July in the Peruvian capital Lima and in other cities of this state. Once again this holiday blends local traditions with Christian beliefs.

During a colorful procession of the festival, people wear the statue of the virgin Mary through the streets of his city. Entourage, clad in rich costumes dancing around it. The ceremony is to ward off evil spirits and to honor the dead.