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TOP 10 culinary festivals in the world

In a world of many holidays to which the food itself is reason enough. Learn more about the culinary festivals in the world, and prepare appropriate for them delicious.

What a celebration without delicious food? But, it turns out that in a world of many holidays to which the food itself is reason enough.Each culinary feast is a fun competition, master classes by chefs, tastings, fairs and carnivals on a scale worthy of inclusion in the Guinness Book of records.

1. Culinary holiday UK: pudding Day

On the first Sunday of February, the residents and guests of Albion celebrate pudding. Interestingly, in America this culinary feast is celebrated on October 13. In Britain, the biggest celebration takes place in North Yorkshire – the home of many national dishes.

While chefs compete in the preparation of this Yorkshire pudding according to old recipes, the audience is not bored. This culinary feast, you can try a pudding with fruit and jam, oxalic pudding, lemon pudding and other types of this delicious dish.

2. Cooking holiday Spain: olive Festival

In the last weekend of April in the Spanish city of Mora del Toledo Festival of olives. It lasts for three days. On the first day in the main urban area offer olive market, the carnival begins and is chosen Queen of the festival. Everyone can eat marinated olives, to show the legs on the run with the bulls and Express themselves in other fun tests.

The second day of the festival is the parade of olives through the streets, headed by selected before the Queen. And in the evening solemnly burnt olive branch, and next year the harvest was good. The third day culinary festival is a Paradise for local merchants – a fair olives of all kinds and varieties.

3. Culinary holiday China: a Festival rolls

On the eighth day of the fourth lunar month (in the European calendar date floats on the border April and may) in Hong Kong, on the island of Cheung Chau, a Festival of buns. It lasts a week and ends with a colourful carnival, whose members are rushing to the area to the local temple.

Here daredevils will find three 18-meter tower made of bamboo, filled sweet rolls. At midnight the competitors climb one of the towers to get to luck most of the upper rolls.

4. Cooking holiday Spain: La Tomatina

Every year on the last Wednesday of August, the Spanish town of Bunol turns into a tomato fight arena. Festival La Tomatina not respectful to the vegetable is named after him. Thousands of residents and tourists from the heart throw each other Mature, lightly crushed in your hand, so not to injure anyone, tomatoes. A day of tomato battle shells become almost forty tons of these vegetables, and participants in the battle receive them for free.

During La Tomatina town hidden in the armor: plastic sheets closed Windows, Windows, walls, and the throwers dress so that clothing is not a pity to throw away. The start of the battle gives the signal a firecracker with the town hall, the second signal completes her. The Spaniards call it a fun way to end the summer.

5. Cooking holiday Italy: pizza festival Pizzafest

The main celebration of pizza in the world – festival Pizzafest is annually held in Naples in the first two weeks of September. Festival guests Pizzafest with passion see how competing in his art pizzaiolo – master pizza business, taste all kinds of pizza, participate in master classes on cooking and eating, vote for the best Baker.

Noisy celebration lasts 11 days and includes culinary battles, shows, concerts, theatrical and dance performances, sports games, fairs. The symbol of the festival Pizzafest – legendary Margherita pizza was invented in Naples.

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6. Culinary festival USA: festival of pumpkins Cucurbita

The Americans made the pumpkin is a symbol of Halloween and thanksgiving, but that didn’t calm down. In many States of the country are gastronomic days dedicated to this vegetable, but they are mostly known for the festival of pumpkins Cucurbita in Morton (Il).

Festival of pumpkins Cucurbita been held since 1966. Every year in mid-September, Morton turns into a Pumpkin capital of the world. It serves all kinds of pumpkin dishes: soups, mashed potatoes, salads, desserts, pastries, and also to participate in throwing pumpkins, pumpkin relay, to show their talents in carving – the carving of pumpkins.

7. Culinary holiday in Germany: the Onion festival

The onion festival is held annually in the first half of October in the German city of Weimar. This is one of the oldest culinary celebrations of the world: the tradition of holding the festival has existed since 1653.

For three days the old town dresses up in onion wreaths and braids, serves hundreds of onion dishes and waiting for everyone at the fair where you can buy onions of any variety. The main entertainment of the festival is the carnival, a pass in which is a suit with the bow, Onion and choice of Queen, on the head which wears the crown of fresh onion.

8. Cooking holiday Italy: world pasta day

On 25 October in Italy and outside the country celebrate the feast of the beloved national dish is pasta Day. The decision to devote spaghetti, lasagna, ceciliani and other pasta special day was taken on October 25 at the world Congress of pasta in Rome in 1995.

Day of pasta in restaurants and home kitchens around the world is marked by the classics and experiments. Each chef prepares pasta as he likes, and then offers to taste your masterpiece.

9. Culinary holiday South Africa: the cherry Festival

Cherry becomes the heroine of the festival, each November in the provincial town Fiksburg the Republic of South Africa. Local farms by November get a fabulous harvest cherry picked, as well as flowers and asparagus, and becomes a cause for culinary celebration.

The cherry festival attracts tourists from around the world. It lasts a week and is full of exciting events. Participants of the celebration will be tours of the city and cherry orchards, horse shows and riding lessons, flower exhibition, tasting of fresh cherries and asparagus, picnics, musical evenings, camel racing, football and Rugby, carnival, parade and fireworks, and even a beauty contest for the title of Mr. Cherry Bone and Miss Cherry blossom.

10. A culinary celebration of Mexico: Night of the radishes

December 23 Mexican city of Oaxaca invites you to Night of the radishes. The town’s main square is transformed into an exhibition hall under the open sky, and exhibits be carved from radishes temples, figures of angels and saints, Christmas Nativity scenes. Local radishes are large and long (up to 3 kg and 50 cm in length), you specifically give escalate so that you can make sculptures out of it.

All night parties culinary celebration of dancing, singing, admiring the fireworks and empathize with the masters, which in their eyes are competing in the create masterpieces from a humble vegetable. The main dish of the Night of the radishes – donuts with syrup, and the untouchable hero of the occasion.

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