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Festive makeup for brown, gray, green and blue eyes

Every woman, going to a festive event, wants to look good and make-up plays a major role. To deal with the question of how to make makeup at home, also sometimes called the evening, you should consider that it must be very different from the natural-reserved day.

Create a base under makeup

Before applying a festive make-up with your hands it is recommended to take a relaxing bath and massage into the skin with fragrant oil. If this procedure is not time, then it can be replaced with nourishing and moisturizing face mask, blooming and giving it a fresh look.

First you should use a Foundation that suits your complexion and skin type.

Minor imperfections on face and dark circles under the eyes need to be masked with the help of Foundation or concealer, and after hooking the basis friable powder. She can clean the face of ugly Shine and give the skin a pleasant creaminess. The scheme of this procedure is quite simple and it is easy to do yourself.

Festive make-up for every eye color

Makeup for brown eyes

Ladies with brown eyes are very lucky, because the choice of colors make them very large. Using your imagination, you can make gorgeous festive wear make up their own.

Give the image of mystery by using the tips, causing them dark shade along the lash line, gently feather then.

Next, you should conduct a white pencil across the inner side of the lower eyelid. As a result the eye will become more expressive.

Applying makeup for brown eyes girls with big eyes, it is recommended to use black pencil — this will give them a “cat’s view”.

If the upper eyelid, apply the tone will be darker than the natural skin tone, and the middle of the eyelid to brighten for a more radiant light and shade, such a focus allows for make the look of radiant.

A very important feature for girls with brown eyes is the density of the eyelashes. To get more expressive and enigmatic look, you need to carefully paint each lash and not to forget the extreme.

Makeup for grey eyes

Eyes grey are considered one of the most common. This color has one very interesting feature: they change shade depending on mood, lighting, and makeup. Therefore, doing makeup for grey eyes, you can choose the most suitable among a huge number of images, and make it with your hands.

If you want to look angelically pure and fragile, then you are a perfect gray, lilac, blue and chocolate tones. But to give expressiveness in the way it is only necessary to pick up the shades a little darker than “light” make up.

To make the eyes glow and transparency will help the choice of eyeshadow one shade lighter than your shade of the iris.

To create a feeling green or blue eyes are shades of these colors, the maximum close to the natural shade of the eyes.

When applying mascara you need to paint over the lashes from the roots to the tips themselves, without ignoring even the most subtle light cilia. The brush should be directed so as to obtain the effect of “expanded fan” of eyelashes.

Complete the image of eyeliner, which very well accentuate the thickness of eyelashes.

Makeup for blue eyes

And she has blue eyes is very delicate, bright, and charming, and if you know how to properly apply makeup. its possessor will definitely be on any holiday the most beautiful.

Doing makeup for blue eyes is recommended to apply the shadow with pale pink, purple, gold, silver, pearl and brown-grey shades.

If you want to give the look of depth, then this will help bright pink tone, which is perfect for a romantic rendezvous with your loved one.

To create a spectacular image by using a face-up perfect shade of bright blue that give your eyes maximum definition and depth.

But if the steps to put coal with any other shade you like shade, your look will not leave anyone indifferent.

Holiday makeup for green eyes

Owners of green eyes should know that applying holiday makeup require special skills, because they are not suitable for all shades of shadows. It is necessary to apply make-up in stages.

Creating holiday makeup for green eyes, pay attention to lilac shades, very expressive emphasizing all the beauty and charm of the fascinating sight. Colors that shade of purple paint, such as gold, peach, beige, can help to avoid vulgarity.

In conveying the mystery, creating a festive eye makeup green shade, you need to use the shadows of dark shades that should be applied on the eyelid, shade closer to the crease area.

If the cover of the shadows a light Golden hue podbrovnogo plot, then the view will be as open as possible.

To emphasize the charm of the beautiful half of humanity with green eyes will help metallic, dark purple and cream shades. If you want to give your make – UPA little glamour, give preference to Golden and copper tones.

The final and very important stage is the curl of lashes. This will add to your make – UPA special expressiveness, and do look seductive.

Enough knowledge, to strike a stylish and glamorous holiday makeup can any lady. And beautiful make-up — this, of course, the warranty is charming and charming appearance that can attract the attention of each men.