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Sports, fishing festivals and celebrations


««Sorochanskie lake” stretches for 20 km in the North of Ostrovets district at the foot of the hill “Sventitsky Ridge” stately and received the nickname “diamond necklace Belarus”. The impetus for this was given their unique structure. Each of the lakes is a drop shape, the upper part of which is strung on a strand in the form of the river-channels.” [1]

Sorochanskie lake — one of the most unique corners of nature in Western Belarus. The local nature is exceptionally beautiful and picturesque.

Podcastle , Cathedral , Talovskoe , Pigeon , EDI , Sparrow — that the names of some of Sarochanskie lakes . cut virgin forests and water-meadows. The district has twelve unique blue “beads”. Some are connected by a small river Strcancel, and the rest eat only springs and rains. Depth from three to forty meters. In lakes, scientists have discovered five species of fish listed in the Red book.

the national reserve ’s Sorochanskie lake” in order to preserve the unique natural complex with populations of rare and endangered species of plants and animals listed in the Red book of the Republic of Belarus, unique flora and fauna of the region and also for the purpose of rehabilitation of the Naroch lakes . because Ostrovets give them a start. Reserve ’s Sorochanskie lake” is considered as a single natural complex with the National Park “save” in the framework of the Euroregion “Nieman”. Total area of reserve is more than 13 thousand hectares, i.e. one tenth of the territory of Ostrovets district. Today it has the status of self-government. Administration of the refuge is located in the village Mihalishki, one of the rare villages located on the territory of the reserve.

A promising direction in the development and use of the reserve is a tourist activity. The duties of the administration of the reserve includes not only the protection of natural resources of the refuge, but also the creation of tourism infrastructure. To date, in the landscape reserve ’s Sorochanskie lake” conducted recreational facilities, landscaping of camps (sites for tents, fire pits, playgrounds), there are Parking places for cars. Developed Hiking and water trails. They will include natural monuments of Republican significance and architecture.

“Like the rest Sorochanskie lake , Kamenskoe splashed into a deep natural basin, formed by an ancient glacier. Its length is more than 1.5 km, the average width – about 300 m.

On the lake there are four huge pits. First, the Northwest pit, located in the middle of a big stretch, right after the ducts from the lake Talovskoe . Its depth – 18.5 m after the slight contraction begins the second reach, in the middle of which reaches a depth of 19.2 m. Then there is a third ples with two holes. One – near the village of Hincesti – the deep – 19.5 m, and the second, which ends in the lake reaches a depth of 18.2 m. the Output from it is crowned by a duct into the lake Cathedral . The nature of these protected areas – virgin. The shore is not cluttered person, the local population is very friendly. Therefore, the real fishermen who know how to appreciate beauty and appreciate fishing, primarily for the unique aesthetics of the process, in these places there is a real freedom. A reason people come here with their families and not spend one week of their vacation, enjoying the beauty of our natural diamonds. Taking into account the attribution of Astravets district to the border zone of rampant invasion of fishermen is not observed.” [2]

Soon the border zone will be moved further and Sorochanskie lake will be accessible to the public.

“the Festival of bream”

The road to the site of the festival is very nice and picturesque and is in itself a great pleasure – it’s like using Myadel . The Naroch lakes , picturesque, retaining echoes of the Belarusian history of the towns.

Despite all the pessimistic forecasts of weather forecasters, the weather was great for fishing and recreation.

Tourist Parking on lake Kaminska well equipped for holiday tables under canopies and pavilions equipped with fireplace for cooking soup, catwalk-berth under a reed roof. And, despite all undeveloped recreation camp-camping, there remains a surprising sense of primeval nature and the remoteness of any civilization.

On the first day and the organizers, participants and guests of the festival had the opportunity to simply enjoy the beauty of nature and made from the catch of local fishermen fish soup. Ear of perch, pike and tench turned out to be a noble and became the perfect excuse for a picnic.

The majority of participants and guests of the festival were the inhabitants of the Ostrovets district. Therefore, the exploration of places and conditions of fishing on Saturday went only “newbies” who first arrived on Sorochanskie lake .

The actual competition started the next day at 4 am. Competition, despite the fact that the festival was dedicated to catching bream was carried out under the scheme “MMA”, that is, allowed all gear except poaching: spinning, all kinds of fishing rods, feeder, Donka, track (without motor), etc. during the day it was possible to combine different types of fishing: sex with rod, went to spinning, etc.

Fishing was “employment”: the professionalism of the visiting masters competed with experience fishing on Sorochanskie lakes locals. The bulk of anglers focused in the opposite direction from the Parking lot to the shore, and fished near the shore at shallow depths. It seems that almost all anglers who won prizes on float fished worm. If the winners are any secrets, for example, “slaughter” bait ” could not be determined.

At noon began to wrap up, and the organizers took all the available creative ability to immediately review prize nomination. “the Festival of bream” finally transformed into just the “Fishing festival– because fish was a lot different, and among the captured specimens were anything but no bream.

1st place was taken by the author of the “Hunting & fishing” from Grodno Victor Burba – 5,250 kg of fish and received a gift match rod from Salmo.

2nd place – a resident of the village Spongy Astravets district Vadim Ermak. Vadim managed to catch the largest roach festival — with a length of 26 cm, a weight of 360 g.

3rd place went to Minsk Eugene Trohimovich. His catch was the largest bream (32 cm 510 g).

Among the “trophy winners” were residents of Ostrovets district – Alexander Manevich (perch 43 cm, 1.4 kg), Andrey Maksimov (Lin 35 cm, 1 kg) and Danuta COPT (pike 45 cm, 1 kg) — all of Astravets district.