Brazil launched the famous carnival
Annually the leading Samba schools in Rio are competing for the title of best. Throughout the upcoming week in Rio de Janeiro mobile platform dance schools each day will follow through the streets of the…


The musical fountains in Tiberia.
Singing fountains in Tiberias Among other Israeli resort towns, or cities which attracts tourists for its historical and religious places, especially endowed with a universal appeal, situated on the Western shores of the biblical sea…


Famous carnivals
Samba Samba — Afro-Brazilian musical rhythm and dance, performed to the rhythm. African rhythms were brought to Brazil with the slaves during the colonial period. Slaves were transported to the North-East of the country –…


Best summer festivals in the world

Summer time is the charm, filled with ice cream and picnics, swimming in the pools and festivities at the festivals that will be even bigger and more luxurious this year than ever before. The most famous musical performers and pop stars such as U2, Green Day and Norah Jones, are planning to ignite the crowd at festivals in Chicago, Tennessee, Washington and the UK. Apart from music, You expect the competition at the semi-wild horses, view, cowboys, air shows with so many aircraft that vertigo will be guaranteed, and demonstration of a variety of art forms, which You have never seen. Fill up a backpack with the necessary provisions on the shoulder, grab a bottle of water and go out for an adventure that You have in store for the organizers of the best summer festivals in the world.

Statue at burning man in black Rock city, Nevada

Every year in late August – early September, tens of thousands of people gather in the desert of black Rock, to build an experimental city: the theme is set in advance (for 2010 the theme will be the metropolis), no one sets the rules, deadlines or the end of the project all goes on. Being polupodvizhnym, polyamidoamine the festival, the organizer Larry Harvey, was the start of “Burning Man” in 1986 in San Francisco, when on one of its beaches he urged others to “keep yourself alive” after death. Continue reading

5 colors colorful festivals

Fancy floral accessories from the Michal Negrin recommend 5 the most colorful festivals of flowers this spring.

Despite the fact that in the boutiques Michal Negrin flowers live year-round on the models clothing and accessories fashion brand, spring and Michal Negrin – a favorite time of year. Unique accessories brand from new collections 2013, each of which characterizes the tastes and preferences of their owners, “advised” to us the most vivid and colorful parades and festivals of colors in different countries of the world, which begins the spring.

The full range of colors at a festival in Holland

If your choice – is a luxurious thick bracelet, or earrings in the shape of a flower Michal Negrin from dozens of Swarovski crystals in all colors of the rainbow, then you will enjoy the most colorful event that traditionally opens the spring in the Netherlands and throughout Europe is the largest flower festival in the town of Bovenkarspel, which will be held in early March. Gorgeous flower gardens and fields will be stretched on the 4.5 thousand square meters. This year, in honor of the anniversary, the 80th festival of flowers will not last 5, and as many as 8 days and will focus on the history of friendship of Russia and Holland. In addition to the tulips of every Continue reading

Festival of lights in India – All the fun!

Section: Tourism | and in subsections: India. New Year’s Day. | Author-compiler of the article: Lev Aleksandrovich the Dock

Continue Tourism section and subsection of India article, the Festival of lights in India . Where will tell about how it is celebrated in India the New Year. because soon and we planned this holiday by the Way, in India, in 2011, new year fire festival is celebrated from the 26th of October.

The festival of lights in India called Diwali . or Deepavali . The main attribute, the symbol of the holiday everywhere one — ancient oil lamp from clay, called “dia” or “dip”. He poluchil its name Diwali or Deepavali (Deepa — fire), thattranslated from Sanskrit means “ bunch of fire “, ” number of lights “. This day is also called the Feast and the festival of lights. By the way, we have already encountered one unusual Indian festival — a celebration of elephants in India. But do not be distracted and continue.

Diwali — is one of the oldest holidays and is celebrated more than 7 000 years. This bright holiday is not only famous in India but also abroad — in Japan, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Thailand, Nepal, Myanmar (Burma). That is, more than one billion people in India and enjoys not only celebrates the festival of Diwali. Its special atmosphere is cheerful Continue reading

20 the largest festivals and carnivals of the world

Once a year in some parts of the world come special days – bright, magical, and slightly crazy carnivals. Some, such as Brazilian carnival or the Spanish running of the bulls is well known to all; but you could never hear. And if you like “to party”, we bring to your attention the 20 most inimitable and large-scale festivals from around the world.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

February 28 – March 4

Like Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the Carnival in Venice, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – it’s a party in non-stop mode, only in the Brazilian style, which is a seemingly endless parade of Samba and colorful costumes.

2. Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany

The second half of September to the first weekend in October

Despite the fact that there are different, smaller-scale counterparts of this festival around the world, Munich’s traditional event is the largest beer festival in the world. In 2013, beer was sold for more than $96,178,668.

3. Festival of snow and ice – Harbin, China

5 January – 5 February

Harbin international festival is the largest event of snow and ice in the world, where you can see a snow sculpture, height 3 meters, and building Continue reading

Top 12 music festivals in Britain

The UK’s music festivals are world-renowned for its variety, quality and creative approach to the selection of sites. Whatever style you prefer – from classical to pop, from folk to rock in Britain there is a festival for every taste.

This year, the famous Glastonbury festival makes a break, but will not be bored: in Britain from January to December, hundreds of festivals are held, and in the summer, on weekends the event like we have to choose from a large list. To facilitate this, VisitBritain invites you to get acquainted with the twelve best music festivals 2012:

1.The Glyndebourne festival (Glyndebourne)

20 may – 26 August and the tour of Britain on October 4 – December 8, 2012

Lewes, East Sussex (Lewes, East Sussex)

Organized once one family and gained worldwide fame Glyndebourne is famous because it is the only UK festival of arts, which uses only renewable energy sources. In the framework of the festival on the same stage gathers musicians from different countries, and this year was no exception. In concerts attended by celebrities and young talents from around the world. Among the participants – famous baritone from China Shenyang (Shenyang) in the role of Alidoro with “Cinderella” by Rossini. Viewers will find the majestic Opera house surrounded by a lovely Continue reading