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Prague summer

The history of the ancient city and summer festivals

Than to please and surprise Prague in the summer and why tourists prefer the Czech capital, not a beach holiday. How many theatres. concert halls and museums await You in the historic centre of Prague. When in Prague begins traditional television festival Golden Prague, which is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world? Performers and jazz lovers! Want to the international festival of classical and jazz music in Prague. This is a truly exciting action!

Prague is one of Europe’s cultural centres, there are more than 20 theatres, including the famous marionette theater, more than 35 theaters, movies which are shown in English with Czech subtitles. Classical music lovers can enjoy its magnificent sound in concert halls and churches, and to participate in festivals and listen to music the most famous orchestras in the world. In Prague there are a lot of museums. National technical Museum. National Museum of natural history, Museum of decorative arts, the wax Museum, the Mozart museums and Bergia Smetana and others. The attention of tourists attracted to a variety of exhibitions, festivals, numerous contests.

On the old town square is a building of late Baroque and Rococo Palace of Goltz-Kinsky. Here played Beethoven, and in the German gymnasium, which was located in the Palace, studied Franz Kafka. From the balcony of the Palace spoke to the people political figures of the Czech Republic — Klement Gotvald and Vaclav Havel.

Holidays in the Czech Republic is a fascinating and exciting experience for tourists of all ages. Since the end of June in Prague begins traditional television festival Golden Prague, which is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world. In July in Prague begins international festival of classical and jazz music. which attracts the attention of many artists and jazz lovers. In late July – early August in Prague fans of different musical styles on traditional festival “Summer festivities of early music “. In addition to a rich cultural program, summer tours to Prague attract the attention of tourists the opportunity to walk on an unusually beautiful night city and visit the numerous cafes and restaurants, which represent the magnificent Czech national cuisine. In General, buying trips to Prague in the summer, you can’t go wrong, and you are sure to have a wonderful vacation .

The temperature in summer in Prague about 20 degrees, which is favorable for excursions, Hiking in the many parks and fruit gardens; visit the Botanical garden or the zoo. Wonderful just to walk in the beautiful night city, and various cafes and restaurants. For children there are many playgrounds, often with a soft rubber coating, a variety of slides, swings and climbing frame. In the summer occasionally children are free rides: trampolines, hanging baskets, various competitions and contests. For those wishing to cool off on the banks of the Vltava river offers hostivař water beach. As summer seasonal discounts and sales. that will make shopping in Prague more pleasant.

In 1621 on the old town square donated a 27 persons, the Estates of resistance against the rule of the Habsburgs. Still we can see 27 crosses near the main hall with the symbols of the sword and spiked crown, established in their honor.

In accordance with the variety of attractions of Prague tour operators offer many types of tours to the Czech capital: sightseeing tours in Prague. business tours to Prague. weekend tours, beer and food tours in Prague, etc. of Course, the most popular are tours to Prague. because they allow at least briefly acquainted with the rich cultural heritage of the Czech people. According to various estimates, there are sights of Prague to several hundred, and in the Old Prague almost every house has on its walls printing past centuries. Of course, in the capital of the Czech Republic there are the most popular tourist destinations.

Aquapalace Prague Aqua Park consists of three water palaces: the Palace of water adventures for the outdoor enthusiasts. the Palace of the waves, where you can splash around at a safe depth for families with children. In the third Palace, the Palace of rest. there are hot tubs and a swimming pool.

Charles bridge over the Vltava river was created more than 50 years in the XIV century on the initiative of king Charles IV. This footbridge is a real open-air gallery width of 10 meters and a length of 516 meters. The bridge is decorated with 30 sculptures, the most famous of which is the statue of St. John Of Nepomuk. According to the legend. John of Nepomuk was thrown by Charles IV in the Vltava water for maintaining the secrecy of confession Queen. Now millions of tourists and residents tend to RUB his statue for the fulfillment of secret desires.

Prague promenade can see the figure of the crucified Christ, collected from… multi-colored boots and shoes.

One of the most modern attractions of Prague are “Singing fountains”. It’s a terrific show, created by drawing thousands of jets of water illuminated by colored lights, accompanied by a selection of great music from various eras and styles: from classic works of Mozart to tunes from popular movies. For those who could not make the photo of the sights of Prague. after the submission is selling videos of the show.