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Salvador de Bahia carnival 2014

Dancing in the streets during the largest street party in the world: the carnival of Salvador


The carnival in Salvador de Bahia is recognized in the Guinness Book of world records to be the largest street party in the world. This is truly a massive week of parties, which was attended by hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors, and literally millions of Brazilians. The secret to survival and having a good time to learn some of the background prior to your arrival, and then to travel light and go with the flow. Do some research ahead of time so that you will understand what happens when a party breaks out!

Salvador Carnival centres, local schools, or blocos, which organize massive orchestras complete with dancers and costumes. If you know a little about the key players, it will help you a prompt to action. Besides having a good time in every school it is fighting for the right to be fresh. Teams practice throughout the year to compete for one night during the carnival in Salvador de Bahia, when they will go out to the streets in droves. The finalists go to the championship on the last night, with the winner to earn a year of fame and glory.

The carnival of Salvador has evolved over the last century to highlight Afro descendants in contrast to Rio glamorous Euro influenced. Although the famous carnival of Rio is better seen from the stands, carnival in Salvador is all together on the street. Party pop-rock music under the name Axe, designed schools, became widely popular in the last decade, making El Salvador the current Brazilian incubator pop culture. During carnival in Salvador, events happen that will sound throughout Brazilian pop culture throughout the year.

It is important to distinguish that There are two different carnivals happens next. Massive pop cultural event happening downtown and on the beach. In Pelorinho, the old town, the historic carnival takes place, associated with the Afro-Christian religious rites, and schools, as a rule, a little more spiritual. Here you will see giant puppets and parades of children. One of the most famous schools Filhos de Gandhi (sons of Gandhi): the organization of religious men that has mashed together the ideals of Gandhi as a freedom fighter, with the local Candomble religious rites. Participants to wear turbans Terry fabrics, plays trance-inducing percussion heavy music (so-called Afoxé), to make offerings to the Orishas, and a sprinkling of pretty ladies with the spirits. Cultural mix head-scratcher, but it sure is fun.

Meanwhile, in the city center, modern raging party. The most famous of the school’s African-themed as Olodum, Ile Aiyé, and Timbalada. The dominant musical styles reflect tribal drums influences, as well as reggae and rock, and to the coordinating center each school trio Electrico. They are tractor trailers that have been fitted with huge speakers and a platform on top for stars. They cruise through the crowd about one mile per hour. Moving rope cordon around the truck protects and features a huge retinue groups, bands, and dancers. In some cases, we’re talking about 4,000 people or more.

Many visitors decide to buy membership in one of these schools before their arrival. The standard package includes a T-group shirt and admission into the group as an official environment. It’s not a bad idea, as it gives you a navigation method of the party. You can visit the practice and exclusive events, and it’s fun to have a team to root for. Membership in these groups, slightly more expensive but you some protection in the cordon around the trio Electrico. In addition, your money supports the city and its traditions.

If you tackle the streets alone and the non-party, it still helps to learn the basic account of the events and moments. There will be posters plastered everywhere, as well as rich Internet and television. Knowing who the competition and their social significance will help you get more from the party. Select a few events to check out, but mostly just to give you some direction, even if you end up getting side tracked way.

Remember that Salvador Carnival is the largest street party in the world. This is a huge, chaotic and wild. There are more hot dancing bodies pressed in one place than you can imagine. There is a simple way to get once you are in, and the city actually becomes a lawless zone. Crush can be so strong that your feet can leave the ground at times. The best attitude is to relax and let the crowd together. If you and your friends, arrange a meeting place in case of separation.

The whole concept of Carnival in turn society upside down and invert social norms. Thus, sexual behaviour and drunkenness are taken for granted. Although Brazilians understand it in its essence, Americans and Europeans are often not quite sure how to behave in such situations. The trick is to relax and smile. Not to make advances, either sexual or aggressive, too seriously. This is just excited to play, so not attached. Remember that a smile goes a long way, even if you are not sure exactly what is going on .** No doubt you will enjoy the carnival in Salvador is much more if you take the time to understand what is happening. Wherever you end up, remember to relax and go with the flow. Attempts to deal with this kind of crowd, but if you let them carry you forward, you’ll make inside the world famous Brazilian carnival.