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The best places to visit and sights of the world

On our planet there are a lot of interesting attractions, many of which have become famous tourist meccas. What are the space travellers love most?

Times square, USA

The new York city area times square – it is a Symbol of America, one of the main intersections in the world, is the most visited tourist destination.

Today times square is a huge and colorful centre, round the clock lit up with giant screens and Windows, emitting a glow of neon and street lights.

Magic Kingdom Disney

Every year the Park attracts over 20 million tourists. A walking fairy tale characters, there are a variety of shows and even parades with cartoon characters. In the magic Kingdom several thematic areas, each of which has amazing rides.

Trafalgar square, London

Trafalgar square – the Central area of London, located at the intersection of major streets of Westminster: the Mall, the strand and Whitehall.

The square hosts various public events, and most colorful festivals and processions, and protests and pickets. At Trafalgar square the Windows embassies, hotels and several London landmarks, including the largest collection of paintings – the national art gallery.

California Disneyland

Known on the entire planet entertainment Park under the brand Walt Disney was founded in 1955. It is famous for its gorgeous attractions and has a rather large size. California Disneyland is built in the configuration of the wheel, it has approximately 60 major rides, located in eight different zones.

Niagara falls

Niagara falls deservedly entered the top most popular attractions — it’s just an indescribable sight. Niagara is a complex of several waterfalls, the total width of which is more than 1 km, It boasts stunning natural beauty and fascinating from the first sight. There is a waterfall on the border between the United States and Canada, and water rushes in the U.S., but beautiful views from Canada.

Stunning views of Niagara falls are often used in various printing services (printing of calendars. posters, plastic cards)

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Without a doubt, the Notre Dame Cathedral is the most famous Cathedral. For many centuries it was an important centre of urban life: it was the seat of the first French Parliament of France, crowned emperors held the Royal wedding, here rich people handed over their valuables for storage and beggars here looking for shelter.

The London eye

The London eye is a giant Ferris wheel situated on the banks of the Thames. This iconic tourist attraction of London attracts the attention of many tourists.

The Pyramids Of Giza

The Egyptian pyramids are symbols of ancient Egyptian civilization, and one of the oldest landmarks of the world (built 4500 years ago). The largest of these is the Great Pyramid consists of 2.3 million stone blocks, at the moment is the most massive structure in the history of mankind!

The Colosseum

In ancient Rome there are many historical monuments, but the most amazing of them is the legendary amphitheatre of Rome – the Colosseum, where people condemned to death, he was killed for the entertainment of spectators. The Colosseum is the most famous and biggest of all amphitheatres of Rome, and the largest masterpiece of architecture and engineering.

Sydney Opera house

One of the greatest buildings of the twentieth century recognized the Sydney Opera house. Unique form of theatre, namely the construction of the roof, consisting of ten white sails, provided that building fame and recognition worldwide. During this relatively short life of this architectural masterpiece has earned a worldwide reputation for the theatre centre, has become a symbol of the continent, the city and the Australian nation.

National memorial Park, USA

A symbol of American national identity is the national memorial Park in Washington, where are the monuments to prominent political figures, veterans of the military actions in Vietnam and Korea.

One of the most popular monuments recognized as a monument in honor of the first American President. Since 1888, the monument was considered the tallest building in the world until it was bypassed Paris Eiffel tower. The monument is made of granite, outside marble.

Disneyland in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Disneyland began its work in the spring of 1983. Over time it has grown to enormous Disney Resort, which contains 47 rides. Tokyo disney resort consists of a theme Park, Tokyo DisneySea water, theatre, shopping and entertainment complex, as well as many hotels, shops, etc. Between all the facilities is a monorail railway.

The statue of Liberty, USA

Enlightening the world the Statue of Liberty for migrants hoping for a better life, was the first encounter with the United States. Donated as a token of friendship of the French people in 1886, it over time became a symbol of independence, and is considered the most recognizable monument of the United States.

Eiffel tower

Modern impossible to imagine Paris without the Eiffel tower, the iconic symbol of France. 300 – meter tower, designed by Gustave Eiffel in 1889 he received the title of the tallest structure. In the entire history of the Eiffel tower near this outstanding attractions visited more than 200 million visitors.

The great wall of China, China

The wall represents the most ambitious military fortification. She, like a giant dragon stretching across the arid deserts and vast steppes, mountains and valleys. For more than 2 millennia, some sections of this engineering miracle have disappeared or are in ruins. But part of the ancient structure still stood the test of time, becoming a silent witness of the rise and fall of Chinese ruling dynasties. Due to its historical significance and architectural grandeur of the wall is a symbol of Chinese civilization.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland was sprawled on the vast territory in the suburbs of Paris. This magical world was sozdaval both for children and for their parents. It includes 2 theme parks, a beautiful complex of 6 hotels, as well as several swimming pools, campground, ice rink, Golf course and amazing Disney village.

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