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The musical fountains in Tiberia.

Singing fountains in Tiberias

Among other Israeli resort towns, or cities which attracts tourists for its historical and religious places, especially endowed with a universal appeal, situated on the Western shores of the biblical sea of Galilee, now the sea of Galilee – Tiberias. With a rich history and is considered one of the four Holy cities for representatives of Judaism, Tiberias is on the ground dear to the Christian world, and especially its geographic and geodetic location make the city world-famous resort with healing springs.

To improve your health at the Wellness centre chamey tveria, working on the basis of seventeen medicinal hot springs that extracts its water from a depth of two thousand meters come from all over the country. The rest here are the people who come for one or two days, successfully undergo rehabilitation courses for patients of Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon. Wolfson in Holon. Rotchild and Rambam in Haifa. Its healing properties water sources are required high concentrations of more than 100 minerals in its chemical composition that helps people cope with pain in the joints, skin diseases, neurological conditions.

Its historical and religious places and attractions in Tiberias attracts and traveling tourists and the faithful pilgrims. The city is included in the proposals of the kidneys of each tour operator and a tour Desk. Come here on tour from Ashkelon. Tel Aviv and Eilat. To visit the tombs of great saints and sages, interpreters of the Torah of Maimonides, Yochanan Ben Saka or to see the places where Jesus preached, where he walked on water, to climb the mountain, where was the sermon on the mount, to see the tomb of the Broodmother or visit Capernaum aspire people, vacationers from all corners of the country. Lovers free rest and move sit on the bus and come with guidebooks and from the North through the Golan Haifa and acre, and South of Eilat via Ashkelon and tel Aviv .

Special beauty surprise Tiberias in the evening. Decorated with lights embankment, burning Windows of shops and numerous restaurants and cafes, illuminated panoramic sites attract fans evening walks and nightlife. The most attractive evening attraction Tiberias – her famous singing fountains, open every evening from 19.00 to 22.00 on the waterfront and right in the water of lake Kinneret.

Soaring different force of the pressure of the water jets in combination with the sounds of flowing music and light effects to create stunning dynamic exposure, vostorgalsya cheering spectators.

Light and laser installation, projecting a whole storyline on water shroud, creating a three-dimensional image floating above the surface and iridescent millions of colors refracting in microscopic droplets rays. Many experts recognized that beauty water choreography and subject compositions, fountains in Tiberias held the leading place. Even the famous Singapore fountains are inferior compared with the enchanting beauty of the created intricate playing the jets Tericka fountains.

The history of creating melodious fountains out in Germany in the twenties of the last century, where the electrical engineer of the Berlin restaurant “Resi” Otto Pristavec, decided to combine the music with the finesse of ballet and sparkling water. Specially made nozzles for water, betraying the jet set direction and power, was pushing her in different directions, forced to rotate and change the direction of its movement, imitating the movements of these dancers.

On moving designs were submitted multicolored lighting, which gave the water a multicolored sparkle. Diners were amazed, captivated wonderful water show. Appreciated the idea became a local attraction attracting more viewers.

Harold shteyman, owner representation “Vanity skating” in Berlin on tour, and watching the restaurant “Resi” water show of Pristavka, inspired by the idea and signed a contract with him, rushed headlong to the owner of Radio Citi Music Hall in new York, Mr. Leon Leonidoff. It was the first and up to the village, unique in history, when Leon bought the show without seeing it first himself. Shteyman called the performance “Dancing water” and sent the first singing fountains in the debut tour of America in January 1953.

The success of the show featuring singing fountains pushed the Steimane to the idea to make the show a tourist attraction and, in organizing the firm of Dancing Waters Inc, shteyman buys, then the existing factory Otto Pristavka, lots of accessories, allowing you to extend the power of ideas, as well as to transport the different parts of the fountains from one locality to another. While Otto along with his son Gunther modernizing their development in the field of singing fountains, shteyman sends a new view in a Grand tour around the world and the United States of America, where later idea finds a permanent “place of residence” in the hotel Las Vegas Royal Nevada Hotel.

Over time, a host of followers and imitators of the works of Pristavka. Special breakthrough did mark fuller in his dissertation about “Scaly flow of water” in the continuation of which, he founded the firm WET, innovative approached the design of singing fountains. Being at that time an employee of Disney, fuller has applied his knowledge to create the famous fountain hopping, still located in the center of Walt Disney World. In 1983, mark has gone from Disney, founding his own firm to manufacture and install a fountain worthy competitors which is not today.

Collecting and applying all the best design and solutions in the field, singing fountains in Tiberias surpass many decent examples around the world. Fifteen-minute storylines, each of which is devoted to a specific topic, unfold before spellbound unparalleled beauty of the spectators of history, occurring on the shores of the Kinneret, religious theme, classical melodies with strange patterns emerging on the live screen crafted water veil or rhythmic idea created under the auspices of the municipality in the participation of urban youth. Ongoing in youth work in Tiberias gives its undeniable fruits, and even at a later time, young people prefer to participate in the performance, rather than aimless pastime at home or on the streets.

Tourists who are on vacation in Ashkelon. Bat Yam or Kiryat gat specially come in the evening, enjoy the stunning large-scale water show, leaving a vivid lasting impression in warm memory about your time in Israel.