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Tours to music festivals
Music festival is one of the most vivid events in the life of any European country. Tickets to the big music festivals fly almost immediately after their appearance in the sale, and the number of…


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Tours to music festivals

Music festival is one of the most vivid events in the life of any European country. Tickets to the big music festivals fly almost immediately after their appearance in the sale, and the number of those wishing to attend the event exceeds the number of places in 3-4 times. Music tours is the opportunity to visit the largest, most colorful and interesting music festivals in Europe . the opportunity to see and listen to your favorite artists, and to enjoy fellowship with like-minded people from around the world!

Music tours are not only performances of favorite bands, magical holiday atmosphere and lots of fun . We will provide You a comfortable and cozy stay . includes:

best concert tickets (fan zone, first place);

accommodation at the hotel of a high class, where will the preferred airport for the venue of the festival;

exciting excursions in your free time, visit nearby towns and attractions.

Some information about the best music festivals in Europe:

The largest music festival of Greece is the European day of music . which is traditionally held in late June. A distinctive feature of the festival is a blend of completely opposite musical styles and directions. The festival is attended by professional musicians and Amateur groups, with the main and additional scenes sounds classic, rock, reggae, techno, etc. so each visitor can discover the music that would have appealed to him.

The birthplace of the great composer Mozart every year brings together lovers of classical music and Opera. The Salzburg festival was first held in 1920, and in 1960 specifically for it was built the great festival Palace. The beauty of architecture in the Baroque style, the best classical pieces, high-class Opera productions – trip to Salzburg will certainly be remembered for lovers of music and theatre for life.

Every year in early June in Germany flock fans of rock music, to visit two of the largest rock festival in the country, and throughout Europe – Rock im Park (nürnberg) and Rock am Ring (nürburg). Participants of the festival – legendary rock groups such Metallica, Rage Again the Machine, Korn, as well as young talented team, which charge the festival with its drive and original music.

The days of Jazz in the capital of Slovakia is one of the most popular and prestigious music events in Europe. Every year, in order to hear the good old songs, meet new bands and new styles of performance, in Bratislava attracts thousands of professional musicians and jazz lovers. Rich concert program and great networking opportunities attract visitors not only from Europe but also from Japan, Russia, USA.


Cultural diversity the UK is a good reason for many festivals – festivals of ethnic music to rock festivals. Very popular are the international festival in Edinburgh . which lasts about 20 days and gathers lovers of various music styles, rock festival T in the Park in Scotland, Glastonbury Music festival is the grandest festival in the UK, where there are not only musical performances, but also arts festival, circus, cabaret, discos, Amateur shows, and much more!

Jazz festival North Sea Jazz Festival – the meeting place of the most popular jazz musicians from around the world. Fans of rock and alternative music go to the Netherlands at Pinkpop festival . where the main act is a good continuous music and fun under the stars! The festival has been held for 42 years in a row in G. Landgraf, however, his conduct has never been cancelled.

Fans of progressive music gathers in Barcelona for the SONAR festival . Best DJs,concerts progressive performers, film screenings, light and multimedia show – all this awaits You at the SóNAR festival.

A great opportunity to combine a beach holiday and a visit to a major festival – going in Benicassim on the Mediterranean sea in mid-July and attend the festival, FIB Heineken . The diversity of musical styles and bright commands, exciting performances, film screenings, dance classes and art exhibitions – all this awaits You at FIB Heineken.

The oldest European music festival Roskilde in Denmark is held since 1971. Great organization and the variety of styles make this festival one of the most popular in Europe. On 7 main scenes are famous bands and young bands, and camping guests themselves having a little festival performances. Despite the fact that officially, the festival lasts 4 days, the fun begins in a few days in advance and lasts for several days after closing.

The jazz festival in Montreux is the largest event in the world of jazz, but today you can hear other styles of music. Jazz stars, young artists and bands – here everyone can show their talent and to give the guests of the festival a real celebration and high spirits. Undoubted advantage of the festival – there are not only paid concerts on big stages, but also many concerts with free admission. The festival takes place in July and lasts almost 2 weeks. Swiss mountains, the clear blue waters of lake Geneva and clean air will make your stay at the festival a memorable one.

Many music festivals, including the festivals of rock music, ethnic music, classical music and modern styles is also in Finland, Sweden, France, Italy, Norway and other European countries. How amazingly you can relax at music festivals, you can talk a long time, however it is much better to visit the most interesting events and see everything with your own eyes !